Hello, my name is Sherril. I am wife to Eddie and mother to 2 wonderful sons, Jonathan and Dillon. I take great pleasure in putting words to paper. My hope is that my ruminations on life as a follower of Jesus, wife, mother, friend and professional might strike a chord in someone else, thereby celebrating the bond and the humanness we all share as part of Christ’s Kingdom. Our stories are important. Stories are how we connect and build relationship. Our stories change the lives of others because we share how the Lord changed our lives and brought us through what we never thought we’d live through. They are living examples of faith as we share what went terribly wrong yet witness Jesus’s unending mercy and grace through each step. They help us celebrate together when goodness triumphs over evil, as it will each and every time if we are faithful.  Our stories perpetuate the hope within us that happily ever after’s really do come true.